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Jim Miles Email
9 hours ago

Does anyone have a survival vest they want to sell? It is for display at airshows. I just purchased 4 replica smoke grenades and a replica M-16 as well. All of which will be on display in my cockpit.

Yesterday at 10:27

Dave has dropped the price on his 1957 Birddog for sale to $95,000.00. He has picts if you are interested. The description is about 4-5 messages down. Check it out

Jim Miles Email

For those that have always wanted the book Lovable One -Niner, I just saw it on eBay for a buy it now price of $150. 

Jim Miles



Got this notice from Donna at Lindner in Keokuk for their annual Fly-in:
Our Fly-In date has been set for September 21st – 23
rd departing on Sunday, Sept. 24th. This event will be scaled back like years event – we will still be having the Pancake breakfast on Saturday morning and a delicious dinner at Hotel Nauvoo on Friday and a catered meal on Saturday evening. We will be setting up a hospitality room for socializing together every night with drinks and snacks provided. You will be on your own for lunches again this year – we have MANY restaurants & fast food choices in Keokuk to choose from.   You can find our registration form on our website at .  The registration fee this year is $50 – you can pay by check made out to “L-Bird Convention” or by credit card or cash. Looking forward to getting together with you all!!

 Donna Farrell
Office Manager
Lindner Aviation, Inc.
2504 340th Street
Keokuk, IA 52632

troy Email

Looks like it didn't come through. Let me know if interested and I can send to you or contact Dave. 
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