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Lee Budde Email

Hello,  I am putting a towhook on my Birdog here in Alaska and am having trouble finding a copy of the STC that allows it. It was issued to javelin and was then donated to the soaring society of america who would be happy to give me a copy but it seems they lost their original and have no others. The issuing agency, FAA ACO in new york has by some fluke lost theirs as well. I have the official permission from the current holder, I just need a copy of it. Anyone have a copy of STC SA34CE and the accompanying drawing they would be willing to send me? Thanks much to you if you can,   Lee Budde C-907-232-4879


Hello there, I am hoping you can help me. In the spring of 1970 I was a crew member of a Chinook from the 539th Trans. Co. out of Phu Loi.

Our mission was to retrieve aircraft that had gone down in the field. One of our recovery operations was of an O 1 that I believe was from the 74th.

I wish to learn more about this retrieval, who, where, why, etc. so I can add a bit more detail to the story I have written here.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

David Layne Phu Loi 69/70

Mike Weinfurter Email

Attn Green Army Birddoggers!

There's a Warbirds in Review program on Army FAC's on Wednesday at 1 pm during Oshkosh. They'd like a Green Army Birddog or two for a Backdrop. Those interviewed will be Doc Clement, Jim Hooper, and another whom wrote "Out of the Valley" (hope that's correct). Any out there bringing theirs this yr and want to display then? If so, let me know as I'll pass that on to the WB in Review folks.



Gunnar Arthursson Email

Modification Work Order - MWO 55-1510-202-34/2

I stand corrected!  My request still stands. If anyona can supply or point me to the Modification Work Order - MWO 55-1510-202-34/2, I would be grateful.

This MWO deals with mounting the Flap Motor in the Right wing, about 7 inches outside the Screw Jack. I think it has also something to do with the Rear Instrument Panel, althoug I wander about the connection.



Gunnar Arthursson Email

Military Work Orders.

I'm in need of MWO 55-1510-202-34/2. Can anyone supply me with a copy, in either electronic or hard copy?
I'm also interedted in L-19 / O-1 MWO's and TO's in general, in either format.
I have a collection of older TO's, in the scanned format. I think they have more historical bearing than something needed today, however, I' willing to share them with those who want, at no cost.

Contact me at:  or

Gunnar Arthursson, Reykjavik, Iceland

TO-1A,  S/N 51-12301, C/N 22615, TF-TOG,  
O-1E, S/N 61-2989, C/N 305M-0037,  (TF-DOG, pending)
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