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mark Email

Hey guys. here is another dog available

Birddog 32BD for sale

French "E" model

Airframe total time aprox 6216 hours
Engine TSOH aprox 700 hours
Prop TSOH aprox 142 hours
good - solid aircraft $79K/OBO
contact Mark McGuire
832-289-1646-c or

Mike Weinfurter Email

Hi everyone,

Suddenly I'm in need of two Cannon plugs which go in the wings to which I connect the other half coming from my rockets. Would anyone have two plus the caps that go over them? If no caps, the Cannon plugs? Hoping to have these on by Osh.




I have for sale a partially complete set of 4 tubes. 4 machined end tubes, all 4 spacing stars, 8 clamp halves, 4 new Jon McLinden noses,four tube decals, clamp eyebolts, NOS fin holders, machined spacers for eyebolts to adapters, four green adapters (bolt to wings), ears for adapters, Cannon plugs for faux wiring. I also have a copy of the drawings to make what's left to detail them out, ie, the little pieces on the tubes at the back. All's left is to attach ears to adapters and fabricate the brackets to steady the tubes. $1k invested. Machining alone was $700. Here's a way to make your own set. Paint, assemble, and install.

$1K takes it all plus shipping. Photos of parts available. The cast majority of the work is done!


Ted Wurster Email

Does anyone have a 9047 prop they can part with or trade for?

Jim Miles Email

Does anyone have a survival vest they want to sell? It is for display at airshows. I just purchased 4 replica smoke grenades and a replica M-16 as well. All of which will be on display in my cockpit.


Dave has dropped the price on his 1957 Birddog for sale to $95,000.00. He has picts if you are interested. The description is about 4-5 messages down. Check it out
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